Indoor Nautical Lighting

More and more people are decorating with indoor nautical lighting as they realize how versatile it can be. Simple lines and sleek metallic finishes lend itself for use in modern homes, yet the history behind maritime fixtures makes them an ideal choice for older homes as well, especially when incorporating authentic re-purposed ship lights.

Elements of Coastal Lighting

While there is a broad range in the type of fixtures available, there are some common themes throughout most designs:

Nautical Wall Light

Nautical Wall Light

  • Brass, bronze, pewter or copper materials
  • Lantern-style fixtures
  • Bulbs that become part of the overall design of the light
  • Clean, simple, geometric shapes

You don’t need to have an entire home full of nautical décor in order to incorporate nautical lighting into your decorating scheme. In fact, many contemporary or modern homes utilize the clean lines of nautical lights very effectively, yet minimally. The important thing when choosing any kind of lighting is to determine whether or not the lighting style will complement and enhance the overall look and feel of your home.

Nautical Lighting for Every Room in the House

The type of lighting style you choose will be make more of a statement if you’re consistent throughout your home and even carry the theme into your outdoor living spaces. When you plan your lighting theme, consider more than just the general concept of “nautical”. Think also about the type of materials and whether you want to purchase authentic nautical fixtures or if you’d prefer new reproduction lights. Here are some suggestions for each room type:

  • Nautical Lighting for the Living Room – There are some attractive nautical light and fan combination available that work well in living room and family room areas. You might also want to consider freestanding or table lamps – either in traditional metallic finishes or in whimsical lighthouse or other coastal themed shapes.
Nautical Ceiling Light

Nautical Ceiling Light

  • Nautical Kitchen Lighting – Track pendant lighting can be extremely helpful over the sink or over a bar area. You might also want to consider a flush mounted nautical ceiling light, with or without a fan, depending on the size of your kitchen.
  • Nautical Dining Room Lighting – There is a fairly significant selection of nautical chandeliers in a wide variety of finishes. Whether you need a simple pendant chandelier or if you’re going for something more dramatic, why not make your biggest statement in the dining room?
  • Nautical Bathroom Lighting – Nautical bathroom vanity lights are a good choice over the sink, while flush mounted lights work well in larger bathrooms.

Incorporating Outdoor Nautical Lighting

Outdoor nautical lighting can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home while also providing safety benefits for your family and guests. You can dramatically change the appearance of the exterior of your home simply by choosing different exterior light fixtures.

Nautical lanterns spaced evenly along a garden path can make navigating easier after dark. An outdoor nautical chandelier or smaller nautical pendant lights can make a dramatic entry focal point – particularly when matched with coastal-themed sconces at the front door. You may even want to blend a coastal lighting theme onto your patio so you can enjoy socializing outdoors even after the sun sets?

Whether you plan to replace just a few key light fixtures or if you’re doing a whole house makeover, indoor nautical lighting can bring a new sense of elegance to any room.